About Us

Welcome to the world of Liewood

LIEWOOD is an international children’s lifestyle brand created to ease and inspire the everyday lives of families. Learn more about us in the sections below.

Our Story

Founded in Copenhagen in 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Norvig, LIEWOOD is a result of Anne Marie’s strong passion for design, aesthetics, and the belief that beauty lies in the details. Being a mother of growing children, Anne Marie understands the needs and premises of daily life in a family. After all, this is what reflects the heart and soul of LIEWOOD.

“My idea with LIEWOOD has always been to bring aesthetic and innovative design into the homes of families, while providing inspiration to a brighter future for our children.”

Our Philosophy

Made for children, loved by parents

With a focus on functionality and innovation, LIEWOOD designs and produces toys, interior, furniture, accessories, wear and footwear for babies and children all which made with aesthetics, quality, and consciousness in mind. Exactly the core values that make LIEWOOD the fun and fair choice.

Our universe is deeply rooted in the Nordic design tradition, and everything we do is done with care and consideration, and always with a contemporary take on design. Driven by strong values and decisions based on profound knowledge and experience, we have an uncompromised and ethical approach to manufacturing.

Our products are based on original workmanship, using only the finest, high-quality materials, and all are made under controlled, safe, and fair conditions, by trusted suppliers.

With durable, timeless designs LIEWOOD wishes to help create unique moments and memories in the childhoods of growing spirits. All products are designed for the contemporary family who holds high demands and strive towards living out a more conscious culture, where aesthetics and quality go hand in hand with functionality in the result of long-lasting products.

Our responsible journey

Children are our future

And for them to live on, evolve and create new paths that improve our world – both humans and planet – we must be thoughtful and make responsible, conscious choices, that reduces our imprint on the planet. Day for day, we strive to improve our processes and use of materials, however, we realize that this an ongoing journey for us and we will keep pursuing to become better.

In our aim to make more conscious choices, we use responsible materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled plastic, and certified wood in the production, as well as mono-materials for a large part of the textile production, that are often easier to recycle than mixed materials. Our focus is continuously on researching into new and responsible materials to improve our production.