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Founded in Copenhagen in 2015 by Anne Marie Lie Norvig, LIEWOOD is a result of Anne Marie’s strong passion for design, aesthetics, and the belief that beauty lies in the details. Being a mother of growing children, Anne Marie understands the needs and premises of daily life in a family. After all, this is what reflects the heart and soul of LIEWOOD.

“Timelessness and functionality in design makes it long-lasting, and the use of true quality materials makes it durable enough to pass on from child to child. My idea with LIEWOOD has always been to bring aesthetic and innovative design into the homes of families, while providing inspiration to a brighter future for our children.”

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Children are our future. And for them to evolve and create new paths that improve our world, we must be thoughtful and make responsible, conscious choices, that reduces our imprint on the planet.


our philosophy our philosophy

With a focus on functionality and innovation, LIEWOOD designs and produces toys, interior, furniture, accessories, wear and footwear for babies and children all which made with aesthetics, quality, and consciousness in mind.