Wooden Playgym / Sweet Rose

600,00 DKK

Our wooden playgym is a new addition to our carefully selected collection of toys for your little loved ones. It is the perfect addition to any kids room or living room, a great distraction and perfect together with our Wilfred playmat. 
The Playgym comes in two versions: a more girlie one with sweet rose accessories and one for the boys with baby blue and navy accessories. 
This is the sweet rose one.

NOTE: The playgym is CE tested.

Activity tripod: Natural wood colour / Dumbo grey
Backside: Natural wood colour
Panda: White
Rabbit: Dumbo grey
Ring & Balls: Sweet rose
Small Ball: Dumbo grey
Cloud: Sweet rose

Birch veneer

Measurements (cm):
Size: 42 x 65

Please note warning:
To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. 

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