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Kapok Duvet Junior - Natural


LW12960\6000\One Size

Let the little ones get the best night sleep with a hypoallergenic junior duvet made from organic cotton and organic kapok.
Kapok is a natural, organic and sustainable material which is known for its amazing characteristics. Kapok is heat regulating, breathable and antibacterial. These characteristics makes it impossible for dust mites to live, which is why, the duvet is 100% hypoallergenic.

An amazing benefit is, that the junior duvet has the same dimensions as Liewood’s adorable junior bed linens.

To maintain the great quality of the kapok duvet we recommend tumble drying the duvet occasionally. If you tumble dry the kapok duvet for 15-20 minutes every fourth month it will remain soft and comfy for longer.
A Kapok duvet will become more comfortable after it has been used for some time - it will be softer and lighter after the kapok fiber has shrunken down a bit. If you bought a baby kapok duvet for your newborn, we recommend that parents sleep with the kapok duvet underneath their own to begin with. The reason is that it is more difficult for small children to make the kapok fiber shrink down, so it will become light and soft.

Please wash the kapok duvet by 40°C using detergent without enzymes and avoid using fabric softener. When washing the duvet, a high centrifugation is important – the kapok duvet should contain the smallest amount of water possible before tumble drying. The duvet should not be soaked in water or be wet for long between washing and tumble drying, since it can damage the kapok fiber.

Tumble drying
We recommend tumble drying the kapok duvet immediately after ended wash. It is preferable tumble drying the duvet separately – It will dry faster by doing so. Please do not use tennis balls when tumbling. We suggest tumbling the kapok duvet for 30 minutes on high heat - next let the duvet airdry for 30 minutes to one hour. Tumble dry the duvet once again for 30 minutes and let it airdry for 30 minutes to one hour. Repeat until the kapok duvet is completely dry – you can feel if it is still damp when the duvet has reached room temperature. The duvet should be dry after 3-4 reputations.

Color: Natural
Quality: 100% cotton organic / 100% Kapok organic
Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm

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